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Veritas Strategies specializes in digital and messaging strategy. Whether a corporate entity, a political campaign, or a non-profit organization, our unique approach to finding and reaching your audience defines the industry. And we do all that we do with cutting-edge systems in place designed to save you money.


We offer every client a custom plan aimed at reaching their audience and getting the message to them. Whether that’s with a wiz-bang website, a custom mobile app or a streamlined social media strategy, we get the job done.

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Our portfolio of digital and messaging strategies includes online and offline expertise. Whether a corporate entity, a political campaign, or a non-profit organization, we can craft a custom plan for you that promises to take your operation to the frontline of 21st century media.

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In an era of cookie-cutter automation, cutting-edge creativity is a hard-to-find asset. Baked into the decades-long expertise is our creative genius that drives a collective promise of individuality and uniqueness that will set you apart from the competition.

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The one constant in technology is change; and keeping up with those changes is a job unto itself. That’s why we live on the cutting edge where every day promises something new, something not seen yesterday. Then we strive to harness the new to help set you apart.


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We’re not an all-in-one shop. Instead we’ve chosen a select few things for our portfolio of products and services which we offer at unbeatable prices and unparalleled quality.

Web Design

Web designers are a dime a dozen. Web designers whose expertise is integrated with a custom-crafted strategy and who know how to employ smart technology, whether social media or web apps or data, are rare.

Social Media

There are critical question before engaging social media. Understanding that each venue requires a different strategy is key to proper implementation.

Content Management

Content is king. Whether you’re employing a social media strategy, website or campaign messaging strategy, what you say (or don’t say), how you say it, and how often you say it, will make or break your operation.

Data Services

Identifying and targeting an audience oftentimes includes locating and/or mining data sources for critical contact information. Whether offline or online, data is the key element in reaching that audience.


    The VS team collectively comprises decades of expertise in data and online strategies that incorporate new-century technology combined with savvy know-how. Because the Internet is a rapidly-changing segment of the marketing industry, a cookie-cutter approach to creating an online strategy cannot be effective.

    • Brett boasts a BBA from the University of Oklahoma’s Price College of Business, an MA in Government and a yet unfinished PhD in an obscure and entirely unmarketable field (something about theory). His practical background includes 20 years of business management and entrepreneurship, political campaign management (including 2 presidentials), and marketing, PR, fundraising and technology consulting of all stripes. He also serves on the boards of various non-profits and ministry organizations.

      Brett Farley
      Chief Evangelist
    • Michael has a very diverse background that includes a decade in the Unites States Air Force; project management in a Fortune 50 corporation where he developed, trained and audited Process Improvement activities; campaign management (1 presidential, 1 congressional and his own municipal race); entrepreneurship, recruiting & training for a non-profit foster/adopt agency and of course social media consulting. Michael also serves on the boards of several non-profits and owns his own consulting firm, Valicor Enterprises, Inc. which specializes in everything from Social Media to Food Brokerage to Process Improvement. He’s our Jack of All Trades.

      Michael Gallops
      Chief Technical Wizard
    • Jessica boasts a 15 year background in financial and corporate administration. She serves as the financial backbone of three different entities under the FE corporate domain. Additionally, Jessica is an accomplished and award-winning musician.

      Jessica Farley
      Chief Motivation Officer
    • With a background in film production and editing, Cameron brings a unique set of talents to VS. His savvy approach to reaching audiences, whether clients, consumers or voters, has been sought after. His experience spans multiple states (sampling beer around the country) offering critical media perspective to a broad base of strategy techniques.

      Cameron Farley
      Chief of Client Magic
    • Sheena is an accomplished writer and editor, whose web design skills are quickly approaching those of Josiah’s. With a keen mind for messaging and audience strategy, she heads all content writing and editing and manages the distribution and maintenance of social media and web profiles for clients.

      Sheena Hutchison
      Executive Wordsmith
    • Arish has a degree computer science with a concentration in technology. He manages content posting on all social media and web profiles, runs audits on all accounts, and handles any troubleshooting. He’s our go-to guy for everything else when no one else is available. We like him a lot.

      Syed Arish
      Director of Technical Wizardry


    Working with Veritas is like working with family . . . except better because we don’t eat all your food or overstay our welcome. When you work with Veritas, you work directly with us. We’re not a small cog in a massive media machine. And, we know competing in the digital age can get expensive. Fast. That’s why we’ve designed our systems specifically to save money first and yet still communicate in a way that screams, ‘Wow!’ Despite our affordability, we defy the ‘get what you pay for’ rule. We’ve redefined the system and thus command a work ethic that means more happy clients. Our talented team collectively comprises several decades of expertise, savvy design, and technical know-how. We know what we’re doing. We’re not just a bunch of drop-out tech nerds who have nothing better to do. Our experience is trusted by leading organizations in the corporate world. We’d like your trust too.

    We are friends
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    We are diligent
    We are talented
    We are intelligent

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